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Welcome to our home!

кот кошка персидская экзотическая питомец
It's not an oil painting, just a photo of our little champions.

And we got a lot of them. Look through our website to find some adorable cats and kittens. They are waiting for your attention, as well as we are :3

Here we are!

   Greetings, my dear friends, fluffy cat fans! Let me introduce myself – my name is Irina, and I am the owner of Tomarin Cattery, which is high-rated cattery located in Russia. What is more, my great fluffy family is huge and loved all over the world. 

   It was my hobby since 2012, but in 2015 the cattery was founded as I got WCF (World Cat Federation) Cattery Certificate. Hard work was absolutely paid off by the result – my fluffies get high rewards, stunning compliments, great feedback and a lot, lot of love.

   As you can see, name Tomarin is a special one. It consists of the two main parts of my cattery – Tom and Irina. Tom is a primal cat, natural leader and the head of pride. 

   During the lifetime of my cattery there were a lot of kittens, decent amount of which grew in true stars of Russian exhibitions. A lot of my kittens live in different countries of Europe, Asia and America, where they are also beloved by local public.

   I hope you will be fascinated by my cats and kittens, and find the one you will love the most. They are waiting for you :3 

A lot of pleasant words about our kittens...

DSC_3357 — kopia.jpg

Our kittens

Click the image, so you can see our beautiful kitties!

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